Announcement of My Marriage

The wooden swing shot in South Tyrole

I, Miki Nakatani, hereby announce my marriage to Thilo Fechner, a chamber musician from Germany. The viola is a musical instrument that is slightly bigger than the violin, but considerably smaller than the cello, and Thilo is a violist for the Wiener Staatsoper Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the Philharmonix, an orchestral music ensemble.

Although we live in Japan and Austria, countries on opposite sides of the world, it was a series of mysterious coincidences that brought us together in the fall of 2016, leading to the building of a relationship based on trust; a long story that I shall refrain from delving into here. Whenever we go hiking in the hills, he constantly adjusts his pace to suit mine, and prioritizes the happiness of others over his own personal enjoyment and interests, and I found myself drawn to his character. It is perhaps because he is a violist, who cherishes harmony by not asserting his own sound, but listening intently to the sounds of other instruments, such as the violin, that he was able to tame a person like me who loves to be free.

From now on, I shall work from Austria, and in doing so, I shall fluctuate between playing characters whose stories must be told, and being no one but my own self. However, I hope to continue putting my heart and soul into my work, and look forward to everyone’s continued support.

I would also like to kindly ask everyone to refrain from showering me gifts as there is a limit to how much I can send back to Austria, and I will unfortunately be unable to visit you to thank you in person.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank you all for your warm wishes and support.

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