The Hospital Acquisition Plan

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The second episode of “Haru – The Woman of a General Trading Company” will be broadcast tonight at 10:00 P.M.

Itsuki Shoji, the trading company, is trying to break into the new medical business field, and orders the Corporate Planning Department that Haru, played by me, works for, to examine the feasibility of acquiring a hospital group in Singapore.

As always, Haru takes on this huge-budget project with great vitality, and based on advice from Wada, her former husband, who is Director of the Corporate Planning Department, she begins making moves to try and persuade the president of a certain medical corporation, played by Minori Terada. However, he turns out to be a difficult character, who even makes getting an appointment a hassle, let alone persuade. Haru and an employee assigned to the Singapore branch, played by Renn Kiriyama , use every means to try and get the stubborn president to let down his guard.

Meanwhile, Haru’s son, played by Kokoro Terada, comes down with a fever. Haru, despite having proposed to go on the business trip to Singapore herself, is left with no choice but to cancel the flight. Her worries are never ending as a working mother, but she is more passionate than ever about her work, and vows to achieve the same results working from home, as if she had gone to Singapore.

I spent very fulfilling days listening to Mr. Minori Terada talk about various episodes, such as the time Toshiro Mifune almost made Alain Delon envious when he acted in the movie “Red Sun”, or an interesting story about how the only words that Director Shinji Somai spoke to actresses were “boke, tako, kuzu (fool, useless and loser).” According to Director Somai, he did this because male actors are weak-hearted, but actresses are strong, and those who hated his strict supervision and screamed, “Drop dead, Somai!” at the back of the studio always gave superb performances on-screen. If he did that today, it would cause a furor, but perhaps it was because of this bigotry and passion that he was able to make the kind of movies that he did.

“Haru – The Woman of a General Trading Company” will be broadcast tonight at 10:00 P.M. on TV Tokyo. I thoroughly recommend everyone to watch it.

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