The wooden floor of Salesian Junior High School

Lion has decided to launch a foam version of hadakara, a body soap with moisturizer that won’t wash away, leaving the skin moist and soft, and I was forced to return to Tokyo for just one night to film a new commercial.

My skin is such that pimples erupt the moment I consume carbohydrates, and it is so sensitive that I come out in a rash when I use strong cosmetics or face wash. I have allergic tendencies, so when I become too engrossed in my work and go beyond my limit, I sometimes end up with hives or even shingles. /Dietary supplements based on orthomolecular medical and nutritional prescriptions relieve me of many of my symptoms, and in particular, since I began taking high 15,000 IU doses of vitamin D every day, I have been feeling well enough to almost make me forget that I have pollen allergy. But having said that, whenever I get bitten by a mosquito in the mountains where I am currently based, my body overreacts and it itches forever. In fact, I was walking beside some grazing cattle the other day, and I was unfortunately attacked by gnats when I wasn’t paying attention. My back and hands became so hideously swollen that I had no choice but to undergo intravenous steroid treatment from a fear that I would not recover in time for the hadakara commercial! I am so delighted to hear about the launch of the foam-type hadakara, which even a person like me can use safely.

I filmed a profound, heart-stopping story at a mission school caressed by gentle rays of light filtering through the trees. Thanks to the outstanding teamwork of all the staff members, everything flashed by in the blink of an eye, and even my first-ever shower scene was over after coating my skin with soft, creamy foam and running my hand through it several times. Luckily, I was allowed to take home a few of the numerous bottles of hadakara, which had been used as props during filming, and I stuffed my favorite bottles of floral bouquet and green fruity hadakara in my suitcase before jumping on the plane.

The foam type goes on sale on September 26. I thoroughly recommend everyone to check it out at a nearby store.

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