The Hostile Takeover

Tires for special motor ehicles

In the third episode of “Haru – The Woman of a General Trading Company,” which will be broadcast tonight, a company affiliated with Itsuki Shoji, the trading company where Haru works, becomes the target of a hostile takeover. The entire Corporate Planning Department ends up running around in confusion after given orders to implement measures in response to this situation.

To rescue Nishimoto Kogyo, a company with 250 employees that sells special wheels for linear motor trains and heavy machinery for agricultural use, the people of the Corporate Planning Department where Haru works, as well as Tomoharu Hasegawa, Kazuyuki Matsuzawa and other people of the Research & Development Department of Nishimoto Kogyo are roused into launching a new business. I too, was excited by the scenes in which Haru visits the factory frequently with her subordinates, Aoyagi and Kawakami , and finds herself working toward the same goal in solidarity with the people of the Research & Development Department who have devoted themselves wholeheartedly to developing a new product in their quest for survival.

Moreover, the reunion for the first time in 10 years between her former husband, played by Naohito Fujiki, and her son, Ryo, played by Kokoro Terada, was heart-wrenchingly touching. Including Haru, the story unravels in a way that will leave you wondering what lies in store for these three in the future.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Takashi Yamanaka, who plays Fujio, a character of the Corporate Planning Department who is like the epitome of conservatism, revealed himself to be a master curry chef. He excels in making genuine Indian curry using whole spices, and we selfishly insisted that he make curry for everyone, including the staff and cast. With the help of Jin Shirasu who plays Haru’s confidant and subordinate, Aoyagi, Shugo Oshinari who plays Ichijoji, a completely unproductive employee who got into the company through the backdoor, Masaki Kaji who plays Kawakami, and opportunistic person who loves gossiping, and Kunito Watanabe who plays Yajima, the next most conservative person after Fujio, they finished making keema curry and lentil soup after more than four hours. They were absolutely delectable with the perfect balance between umami, spiciness and flavor. In the past, I traveled around India eating curry every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I actually ate enough curry to last me a lifetime. So, although I still enjoy Japanese-style curry, I have an aversion to Indian curry, but Mr. Yamanaka’s secret recipe has once again awoken me to its deliciousness.

The third episode of “Haru – The Woman of a General Trading Company” will be broadcast tonight at 10:00 P.M. on TV Tokyo. I thoroughly recommend everyone to watch it.

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