Non suger sesami cheesecake made by M.K

A new commercial will hit the airwaves for “hadakara,” a revolutionary body wash that prevents the moisture retaining ingredients from being washed away, allowing them to remain on the skin. The act of washing your body deprives it of natural oils and moisture, leading to dry skin that causes itchiness. However, hadakara offers a dependable solution to these concerns. This new commercial, as in the previous one, portrays a secret heart-to-heart conversation between a student, played by Mana Ashida, and her teacher played by me. They talk quietly about the body wash that the teacher uses in her silent effort to maintain moist skin.

In addition to the regular type, there are a foam dispensing type, a smooth finish type , etc., with a variety of textures and aromas to ensure the enjoyment of a relaxing bath time even for people with little time to spare. I too, have little time for body care, and recently I have been jumping out of bed at 5 o’clock in the morning every day to take a shower in a great rush, and head off to the filming of upcoming dramas. My bath upon returning home is more a time for reading my script than relaxation, so my hadakara has become indispensable because it allows me to wash myself and take care of my skin at the same time.

A new fragrance of citrus & cassis has been added to the lineup of hadakara products. I recommend everyone to use hadakara for their daily baths.

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