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I am currently filming a new drama series, “Anatani-wa Kaeru Ie-ga Aru (You Have a Place to Go Home to),” which will begin broadcasting on April 13.

The drama series, based on Fumio Yamamoto’s book, is a story about the true feelings and secrets of two couples. I play the part of Mayumi Sato, a housewife who has just overseen her daughter’s junior high school entrance exams and returned to work, striving to juggle housework with her job. Her husband, Hideaki, who seems gentle, yet wanders off in unexpected directions in life, is played by Hiroshi Tamaki. Taro Nasuda, the moral-harassing junior high school teacher, who is a customer of the house manufacturer where Hideaki works, is played by Yusuke Santamaria. Meanwhile, Mayumi’s husband, Hideaki, finds himself attracted to Nasuda’s beautiful and faithful wife, Ayako Nasuda, played by Tae Kimura.

I spit out my stinging, yet comical lines expressing my feelings of discontent toward men, on behalf of all women who have no doubt felt the same way at one time or another regardless of whether they are married or single, despite normally refraining from expressing such words of abuse for the sake of decency. It seems to me that there are still many men who don’t help with the housework, and yet they demand so much from their wives and girlfriends. There are no doubt men who also brag about simply putting out the trash or bathing the children, thinking, “I’ve done my share of the housework.”

The drama tells a realistic story about the bitter, silent screams of women who have felt anger, sighed in disgust, sensed resignation and finally given up on the hopelessness of such men. But at the same time, the humor makes light of the theme, which would otherwise have turned the drama into a heavy and miserable story. I hope to portray a woman who gets through life with a tough attitude. But having said that, if I were to say a few words on behalf of men too, who seem to have nothing to cling on to except the titles on their business cards (how condescending!), it seems that they, too, have lots of feelings of discontent toward women, and the drama also includes many lines dredged from the depths of men’s thoughts.

The other day, when I was engrossed in the new script at a café on a beautiful sunny morning, I was overcome by convulsions of laughter. I burst out without a care in the world about the attention I was attracting, because of the humor in the script. It even prompted a stranger sitting nearby to laugh at me.

I battle it out daily with Mr. Tamaki, who plays my husband, in the charming cityscape of Kamakura of Shonan, where the story is set. I do not give in to the merciless sun blazing down on me, but rather thrive under it. Damage to my skin from sunburns is matter of concern around this time of the year, not only because of the glaring sunlight during filming, but also because it’s the season for enjoying hiking and riding my road bike. This prompted me to produce TV&MOVIE’s most potent organic sunscreen ever with an SPF 50 rating, known as Bright UV Essence 50. Centered on horse oil, horse placenta, strong manuka honey, black jack, and other beauty essence ingredients common on TV&MOVIE cosmetics, pearl has been added to the baby pink base color, turning the skin one shade lighter in color and giving it a beautiful appearance. The fragrance comes from the precious neroli oil, which has been extracted from natural materials only by a French perfumer, and it boasts great spreadability requiring only a small amount about the size of rice grain to cover the entire face. From now on, I can rely on this Bright UV Essence 50 to go outside without a worry in the world, and now I can spend every day spouting out abuse at my husband without a moment of hesitation.

The TBS Friday Night Drama series, “Anatani-wa Kaeru Ie-ga Aru,” will begin on Friday, April 13, at 10:00 P.M. The first episode will be 15 minutes longer than usual. I hope you all watch it.

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