Reviving a Movie Company

View from the dressing room in Yokohama

The fourth episode of “Haru – The Woman of a General Trading Company” will be aired tomorrow.

In this episode, Haru’s former husband, Director Wada of the Corporate Planning Department of Itsuki Shoji, played by Naohito Fujiki, reawakens his passion for cinema that had been buried deep within him since his student days and takes on the challenge of reviving an affiliated movie company. Although he would normally have left it up to Haru and his other subordinates, this time is different. He finds himself unable to sit back and watch, and becomes actively involved himself.

The world of movies is full of dreams, propped up by the passion and benevolence of those who love the silver screen, but upon actually becoming involved in this business, it is also an extremely harsh world. It is no mean feat to create a quality product that is also loved by everybody. Making a commercial movie is like gambling; it can often make or break a company depending on its box-office success. This rise and fall in the movie industry also applies to producers, directors and the actors who are involved in the making of movies, and they have no choice but to stay on their toes at all times. But it’s a strange world in which, people gather from everywhere, attracted by their love for movies.

Director Wada becomes more enthusiastic than ever, almost like a wide-eyed boy. He delivers a fervent speech to try and rouse a young producer into action, whose passion has begun to wane, played by Shinnosuke Mitsushima, persuade the president played by Ichirota Miyakawa, who is on temporary loan from a trading company and is only interested in figures, and draw out funds from an IT millionaire played by Yasushi Fuchikami.

Meanwhile, Haru’s beloved son Ryo has a meal for the first time with Director Wada, and both Wada and Ryo find themselves bewildered by their emotions.

Reviving a movie company is the stuff of men’s dreams, and I thoroughly recommend everyone to see how the story unfolds.
The fourth episode of “Haru – The Woman of a General Trading Company” will be broadcast on the 11th at 10:00 P.M. on TV Tokyo.

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